ASA 2013 Stamp

These are all NEW 2013 bats which have the NEW 2013 ASA Stamp, but are not legal in our league.

Some bats may have similar names yet are still legal, so please be sure to check the Model Numbers to make sure that you select the correct one when making a purchase. I'm working on finding images for each of these to make things easier.

Manufacturer Bat Name Model #  
Bass Gloves ASA Quake    
Bass Gloves BiPolar    
Bass Gloves Darkside    
Combat The Derby Boys ASA DB427SP3
Combat Dirty HPS DIRSP3
Combat Wanted ASA WANSP3
DeMarini Mercy MSP13
DeMarini J3 NT313
DeMarini Fu-Dawg ONE13
DeMarini Flipper FLS13
Easton B3.0 SP13B3.0
Easton L4.0 SP13L4.0
Easton L6.0 SP13L6.0
Miken Ultra 750 Maxload SULTMA
Miken Ultra SOULTA
Miken Triad3 STRIMA
Miken Super Freak HPS SFMIDA
Miken Freak NXT Balanced SFNDBA
Miken Freak NXT Maxload SFNDMA
Miken RevEx Supermax SREVMA  
Worth 454 Mutant SB4MXA
Worth Mayhem - BJ Fulk SBMABJ
Worth Legit Balanced SBLA3P
Worth Legit Jeff Hall Reload SBLAJH
Worth Mayhem Balanced SBMUA  
Worth Sick 454 Balanced SBSKBA  
Worth 454 Jeff Hall Reloaded SB4JHA
Worth Resmondo 454 SBRBBA